Is your sales team efficient?

We can help improve their profitability.

Have confidence that your sales team is selling well, whether you’re a one-person operation or have an entire dedicated department.

Invest in Training Your Salespeople

Learn the art of the gross profit process with tailored instruction on qualifying and closing techniques, building credibility, handling objections, leveraging trigger terms, using the LAER model, and separating yourself from competition.

Our Process

When you invest in our sales training, you receive customized support for selling gross profit—no matter your industry. That starts with an evaluation of your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses and then tailoring a program that includes PRG’s proven selling principles, role-playing workshops, and negotiation tactics for both new and seasoned salespeople on a fee-per-seat basis.

With Profit Recovery Group, you don’t just get a sales coach: You get a master coach with 30 years of experience in perfecting a sales process, and that process works as well for your team as it does for your bottom line.

For sales teams both large and small, we can inspire success through teaching, motivation, and consistency. Based in St. Louis, MO, we proudly offer professional sales training throughout the midwest, including Kansas City, Chicago, Indianapolis, and more.